Nose lift

lifting naso estetica

It is an alternative to traditional Rhynoplasty: nose lift is a procedure to correct minimal hump or tip deformities by making minimal incisions. The nose reshaping is achieved through special percutaneous suspension sutures, using a technique based on the philosophy of vertical suspension lifts. This is, therefore, a minimally invasive procedure giving an excellent result, both natural and long lasting.

30 mins.
not necessary (outpatient procedure)
The procedure

This procedure is performed in a surgery room with local anesthesia.
Thanks to percutaneous suspension sutures, the suspension of the nasal tip and the correction of the hump are achieved. These special sutures are applied through small access punctures, using a double-sided needle, smoothly anchoring the lower lateral cartilages in a vertical direction to the glabellar periosteum, leaving no visible scars. The procedure is painless both during and after surgery.

Preoperative Preparation

The patient will be asked to stop taking aspirin, or other drugs containing it, 2 weeks before and 2 weeks after surgery. Aspirin can cause bleeding and, as a consequence, increase the risk of complications. 
No face make-up product should be used on the day of surgery.

Post-operative care

Dressings are removed about 5 days after surgery and, normally, no ecchymosis occurs.

Possible complications

Specific risks connected to a mini nose lift are limited and, as a rule, rare. The most common complication consists of infections, which, however, respond very quickly to antibiotics therapy (normally prescribed as a preventive therapy), with no influence on the final result.
In some cases, since no swab is used, epistaxis (nosebleed) might occur, but it normally stops quickly and gives no special problems. If this occurs, it is recommended to inform the surgeon.

Recovery time (back to social life)

The treatment time is very short and the patient can go back to everyday routines immediately. 
Hair can be washed 3-4 days after surgery (after removing the dressings).
Driving can be resumed one day after surgery; sports can be started again one week after surgery.
Sun exposure should be avoided for at least 1 month after surgery.

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