Breast Augmentation without implants using lipofilling with stem cells

The results of Breast Augmentation without implants (Breast Lipofilling) are more long-lasting today using Adipose Derived Stem and Regenerative Cells (ADRCs).
Dr. Domenico De Fazio has performed about 100 procedures since April 2009 using the technique of Lipofilling with the Celution® system, consisting of ADRCs (Adipose Derived Stem & Regenerative Cells)-Enriched Fat Grafting.


Dr. Domenico De Fazio has been performing Breast Lipofilling for years, but also Buttock Lipofilling and Lipofilling of other parts of the body, like face and hands, becoming one of the leading experts both in Italy and worldwide.

It is worth mentioning his contribution with a chapter on Buttock Reshaping in the book "Fat Injection From Filling to Regeneration" (S.R. Coleman & R.F. Mazzola), written by Dr. De Fazio together with Dr. S.R. Coleman, recognized worldwide as the inventor of the technique of Lipofilling as well as the equipment to perform it.





Breast Lipofilling has many benefits compared to other materials used to enhance volume or reshaping parts of the body:

  • Minimally invasive: only small incisions are necessary in order to introduce cannulas for harvesting and grafting

  • Body reshaping: a combination of liposuction and volume enhancement in one procedure

  • More natural results: autologous fat gives a more natural results compared to artificial fillers

  • No rejection: the adipose tissue is autologous, thus coming from the same patient

  • Less reabsorption compared to artificial fillers (i.e. Hyaluronic Acid)

Using the Celution® technique, by the Company Cytori Therapeuthics (California, USA), it is possible to process the adipose tissue grafted from the patient enriching it with autologous stem cells, in the surgery room sterile environment and during the procedure itself (as day-hospital surgery).
The benefit of stem cells has been confirmed by comparing the condition of the patients treated with the Celution® technique before and after surgery, using Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI).
Reduced volume, asymmetry and tuberous breast are ideal conditions to be treated with this technique.


Breast Augmentation by Lipofilling with autologous stem cells implies harvesting adipose tissue (liposuction), which can be minor or major according to the individual needs and goals.  


Therefore, this procedure actually consists of two combined procedures (Liposuction and Lipofilling);

the donor sites 

in this case are normally the hips, the abdomen, the trochanteric region, the thighs, or the knees. As a consequence, the result will be breast and body reshaping at the same time.
Once harvested, the adipose tissue is processed to remove fluid excess and charged into 1cc syringes and then, using very thin needles, it is injected bilaterally, both above and under the mammary gland.
This process can be repeated as many times as needed, until the desired correction is achieved.
As a consequence, the procedure will have a dual result: reducing adipose tissue in the areas where it is excessive and enhance the breast volume.
On the breast there will be no visible scars since the needles used leave no marks.
The adipose tissue is a source of adult s

tem cells similar to the ones extracted from the bone marrow. Nevertheless, adipose tissue had advantages compared

to bone marrow:

• easier to collect
• higher amount of stem cells than can be extracted

Research studies have shown that the adipose tissue in obese patients and in patients with a normal weight (standard BMI) have the same quantity of stem cells.

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