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chirurgia_estetica_liposuzione.jpgLiposuction is a procedure to remove, without leaving any significant visible scars, the excess of adipose tissue in specific areas of the body.
The most important benefits are reached when the adipose tissue to be removed is located in the trochanteric region (upper thighs), in the abdomen (if consisting of a small accumulation of fat below the navel) , in the hips, in the inner knees and in the submental area.

local / spinal or epidural / general
30 mins. - 3 hours
none or 1 day
1 to 2  weeks

The procedure

Liposuction is performed in a surgery room with local, spinal/epidural or, in some cases, general anesthesia.
When the anesthesia is spinal or epidural, the patient stays conscious, but the gluteal region and the lower limbs are completely numb.
The procedure consists of removing excessive adipose tissue using a cannula attached to a surgical vacuum. The cannula is inserted in the fat under the skin thanks to a small incision close to the area to be treated, and then it is pushed in through the fat until it reaches the area where the fat needs to be removed. Then, with proper movements of the cannula itself, the excessive adipose tissue is crashed and aspirated at the same time. This creates a slight trauma in the tissue, which is the reason for ecchymosis (bruises) normally occurring after the procedure.

Preoperative Preparation

The patient will be asked to stop taking aspirin or other drugs containing it 2weeks before and 2 weeks after surgery. Aspirin can cause bleeding and, as a consequence, increase the risk of complications.
It is recommended to female patients taking oral contraceptives to stop taking them one month before surgery.

Post-operative care

The patient can get up and walk already on the day of surgery and, if no significant complications occur, he/she can be dismissed the same day.

After the procedure

Already from the first day after surgery, the patient can get some <t0/>Tecar® <t1/> therapy applications on the treated areas in order to reduce edema, ecchymosis and pain when occurring. At the first check-up, one week after surgery, no stitches need to be removed, since only resorbable sutures are used.
5 to 7 days after surgery the treated areas can be soaked and the patient can have a bath or a shower.
The patient must wear an adequate post-operative compression wear for about one month.

Possible complications

Complications related to the procedure are rare and, when occurring, consisting of: infection, hematoma, asymmetry and irregular skin surface.
These complications, as mentioned above, are rare and, anyhow, easily corrected and, in most of the cases, with no major problems.
Amongst other possible complications, we can mention a temporary impairment of the lymphatic circulation in the treated area, and, consequently, swelling. This situation gets solved by itself or with the help of a Tecar® Therapy course in combination with massages within one month after surgery.
Another possible complication is, once recovered, some sagging of the skin profile in the treated areas, due to excessive scarring. Possible irregularities or asymmetry can be easily treated with revision outpatient surgery with local anesthesia six months after the lipofilling procedure.

Recovery time (back to social life)

The patient can resume normal physical activity 5-6 days after surgery, yet, keeping in mind that he/she will feel some pain for about 10 days when pressing the treated areas.
Sports can be resumed 3 to 4 weeks after surgery, depending on how intense the effort required is. Driving can be resumed 4-7 days after. Sexual activity can be resumed 1 week after.
If the patient's job implies physical activity such as lifting heavy objects, pushing, etc... the recovery time has to be longer.