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Oggi Salute - 25th Jenaury, 2013

Nose lifting: an alternative to traditional rhinoplasty.

Oggisalute.it gives special attention to the new minimally invasive procedure of Dr. De Fazio, that corrects minor deformities in favour of the nasal hump and tip, without scars and feeling any pain.


Oggi Salute - 21st Jenaury, 2013

We talk about "face lift without scars" on www.oggisalute.it.
Dr. De Fazio describes a new technique that allows to achieve an immediate anti-aging face and neck effect, and to overcome the main concerns of those who want to undergo a traditional facelift.


Più sani più belli - 23rd March, 2012

tl_files/stampa_thumbs/web_2012_marzo.pngSoft face- and neck lift, a minor surgery with no visible scars
Minimally invasive, not too demanding on the body and  a valid alternative to lift the cheeks, fill up wrinkles and give volume to the depressions on the face and neck.


framesi.co.za - 10th October, 2005