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IMPRENDITORI - December, 2013

ImprenditoriThe art of retouching surgical

Reflections to portraits, from photographs silicone and Botox: the pursuit of beauty through history. But with the crisis does not upset the surgery and aesthetic medicine, as technology opens the door to the future. Dr. De Fazio intervenes, explaining the importance of the naturalness of the result.

VIVERSANI & BELLI - 8th febraury, 2013

Viversani e Belli - 08.03.2013Domande&Risposte Estetica (Questions & Answers in Aesthetics) 

A strong weight loss is often accompanied by skin laxity, especially in the abdominal region. The development of the so-called "apron" and various levels of sagging skin can only be solved with the help of a specialist in plastic surgery. On Viversani&Belli this week Dr. De Fazio explains how abdominoplasty is tailored to the specific situation of each individual. For this reason it is very important the choice of the surgeon and a medical exam for assessing the suitable solutions.