Press 2010 / 2000


VIVERSANI & BELLI - 30th July, 2010

Lifting al naso - De FazioImperfections and Aesthetic Plastic Surgery

Beauty is harmony, also face beauty. A nose aesthetical imperfection can also be combined with functional problems and involve other parts of the face as well, like the chin. Dr. De Fazio explains for a reader of "Viversani&belli" what to do to solve her problems.

GLAMOUR - May, 2010

Dr De Fazio su GlamourShall I do it or not?

Questions in Aesthetic Plastic Surgery: Stem Cells procedures are still experimental?
Dr. De Fazio answers.

STARBENE - November, 2009

Dr De Fazio su StarbeneThe new beauty frontiers focuses on stem cells

The Celution® System comes to Italy. Dr. De Fazio, a pioneer of lipofilling with regenerative stem cells, explains how the technique works.

IL GIORNALE DI REGGIO - 30th November, 2006

De Fazio - giornale di reggioPlastic Surgery, procedures at 360°

Dr. De Fazio talks about breast reconstruction, very important in female cancer medical process, explaining the techniques used also for aesthetical purposes. Cancer Surgery and Plastic Surgery are medical disciplines often working in synergy.

IL RESTO DEL CARLINO - 1st November, 2000

De Fazio - il resto del carlino

Hyaluronic Acid –an effective and non-invasive filler to remove wrinkles used by plastic surgeons

Hyaluronic Acid has been used for some time both to fill face wrinkles and to increase lip volume. Yet, who would like a permanent lip enhancement should choose a different procedure, implying skin insertion, explains Dr. De Fazio on "Il Resto del Carlino".

SORRISI e SALUTE - 26th April, 2000

tv sorrisi e canzoni - de fazioPlastic Surgery - Mail

Plastic Surgery can be reimbursed by the National Health Service?

LA PROVINCIA PAVESE - 5th January, 2000

dr de fazio - la provincia paveseAesthetic Plastic Surgery at San Matteo Clinic

Year 200 starts with important news at San Matteo Clinic in Pavia: a Reconstructive & Plastic Surgery department has been opened. The Department includes Aesthetic Plastic Surgery procedures. The Hospital Medical Director will be Dr. Domenico De Fazio.