Press 1999 / 1990



IL RESTO DEL CARLINO - 16th October 1999

de fazio - resto del carlino

A bigger breast also with a gel based filler 

Breast Reduction, Mastopexy, Breast Augmentation: indications, procedures, results.
A gel based filler to correct volume deficiencies.

REGGIO SALUTE - 24th April, 1999

de fazio - resto del carlino

If he has no muscle, 'he' wants an implant

Also men are turning more and more to an aesthetic plastic surgeon, not just to improve, remove and lift, but even to "add" when the efforts at the gym are not enough. Dr. De Fazio talking about the requests coming form men.

REGGIO SALUTE - 8th December, 1998

de fazio - resto del carlino

A new Brest as a gift

Many women from Reggio Emilia undergoing plastic surgery
Dr. De Fazio shows the main breast plastic surgery procedures.


de fazio - resto del carlinoUnsuccessful liposuction: an ordeal

The ordeal of a woman, who underwent liposuction surgery, in the hands of an unscrupulous and unprofessional Plastic Surgeon.
Dr. De Fazio explains how liposuction can be a procedure with no risks if performed correctly.