Buttock Lift


Buttock Lift with suspension wires consists of an innovative technique to lift the buttocks and to add projection to flat buttocks or buttocks with low skin and muscle tone.

45 minutes
not necessary (outpatient procedure)

The procedure

Buttock Lift is performed in a surgery room with local anesthesia. The procedure implies a small incision on the side of the buttock, at about 10-12 cm. from the beginning of the gluteal fold, then passing a curved needle around the gluteus with a special suture, which is very resistant and slightly elastic, and, at the end, reconnecting it to the starting point with a small knot. The effect iis immediate and the final result is extremely good: no visible scars, no dressing, no skin removed.

Preoperative Preparation

The patient should stop taking aspirin, or other drugs containing it, 2 weeks before and 2 weeks after surgery: aspirin can cause bleeding and, as a consequence, lead to complications. 
It is recommended to stop smoking for at least 2 weeks before surgery. Some research studies have shown the risk for complications becomes 10 times higher if you smoke. If the patient stops smoking at least 10 days before the operation, the risk of complications will be the same as for non-smokers. 
It is recommended to female patients taking oral contraceptives to stop taking them one month before surgery.

After the procedure

The patient is dismissed the same day of surgery and he/she will be able to walk as usual.

Possible complications

Possible complications connected to the procedure are limited.
Infection. It can be considered as the most common complication and it can occur in the postoperative period. This complication is easily treated with antibiotics.
Asymmetry. When occurring, this complication could require a revision surgery after 3 months. It will be with local anesthesia and the surgeon is normally not charging for his fee.

Recovery time (back to social life)

Physical activity can be resumed moderately already from the first day after surgery. Nevertheless, during the first two weeks after surgery, it is recommended to rest and, in particular, to avoid straining the treated area. After this period, physical activity can be gradually resumed.
Driving can be resumed one day after surgery, as well as sexual activity (within reasonable limits).
Sports can be resumed 4 weeks after surgery, though it depends on how intense the effort required is.