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Aesthetic and Reconstructive Plastic Surgery

Dr. De Fazio performs several Aesthetic Plastic Surgery procedures for all parts of the body: face, neck, breast, abdomen, hips, thighs, arms, calves and ankles.
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Everything you need to know before undergoing a cosmetic surgery procedure/treatment:


Importance of the medical consultation with the Plastic Surgeon
Any standard technique or procedure must be customized and adapted to the right parameters according to the patient's individual characteristics and expectations.
The choice of the kind of procedure, the opportunity to be performed, the process safety, possible complications which might occur and the expectations on the final result might depend on many aspects which can only be discussed during an accurate medical consultation with the surgeon.

Plastic Surgeon who will perform the surgery

The most important requirement about the Plastic Surgeon is that he is a qualified plastic surgeon with many years professional experience in a Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Department, in order to guarantee the best results and to avoid using techniques or materials which are not safe or could be dangerous for the patient.


Dr. De Fazio is working only with anesthetists with the necessary experience, who have co-operated with him for more than 10 years. This gives the patient the possibility to be treated with anesthetic methods, which assure comfort and avoid pain after surgery.

Surgery structure and hospitalization

Dr. De Fazio works only inside Top Quality clinics, with surgery rooms equipped for major surgery procedures with general, spinal or local anesthesia and with hospitalization departments, in order to assure the highest safety for the patient even in case of complications.


Dr. De Fazio is using only materials recognized as high quality by the scientific community regularly using them. Therefore, the selection process is not influenced by commercial goals, rather by the choice of the products, which give the best and most long-lasting result both for the patient and for the surgeon.

Recovery time (back to social life)

During the first consultation, it is the surgeon's responsibility to specify all the details about the after surgery process in order to have the right recovery and to be able to resume physical activity and go back to social life as appropriate for each surgery. When possible and if obtaining the same result, Dr. De Fazio always supports surgical procedures which are minimally invasive and more advanced, such as the ones used for nose lift, neck- and facelift.

Pain treatment

For most of the procedures performed by Dr. De Fazio, the patient can get a postoperative treatment that is innovative and allows to reduce pain and to get rid of edema and ecchymosis faster that usual. These treatments are performed in more than 800 medical facilities all over Italy, with whom Dr. De Fazio is co-operating.