Dr. Domenico De Fazio Reconstructive & Aesthetic Plastic Surgeon


Thanks to more than 100 breast augmentations with Lipofilling using the Celution® technique, Dr. Domenico De Fazio is the most expert in this technique in Italy and he is the second worldwide.

He has been participating as a speaker in the most important Congresses of Reconstructive & Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, amongst which, most recently, in Barcelona, San Francisco, Stockholm and Cape Town. He has been a lecturer in International Workshops and he has been a co-author in several scientific medical publications, amongst which a chapter on Buttock Reshaping in the book “Fat injection.
From filling to regeneration” in co-operation with Dr. S.R. Coleman. 

He has dedicated himself to Aesthetic Plastic Surgery for many years and he is recognized as one of the most trusted expert in the use of regenerative stem cells (ADSCs) worldwide.

From his wide international experience comes his promptness in making himself a pioneer for the most advanced techniques emerging from the scientific world. From his daily relationship with the patients comes his ability to empathize with them and understand their deepest discomfort. 
He is on one hand rigorous and scientifically accurate and, on the other hand, friendly and easy-going as a person who loves his job.

When he is not in the Surgeon's shoes, you can see him with his running shoes on, maybe at the New York Marathon, or maybe climbing a high mountain and challenging a glacier. He loves modern and contemporary art, combining this passion with the surgical techniques, shaping the female bodies with the care and attention of who can see in every woman a universe in itself, a complete world which can be redesigned.

The Surgeon's hand can be invisible, concealed in the gap between something that looks natural but it's not. «When the patients enter my consulting room, I remind them that beauty is harmony, balance of shapes, elegance, and that it is heterogeneous: each person can find his/her own or recover his/her own beauty, lost or faded with aging».

Aware of the responsibilities involved in his profession but, at the same time, passionate for something he has dedicated himself to for over twenty years, he says smiling: «After all, even Andy Warhol said "I believe in plastic surgery"».

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 PLASTIC SURGERY NEWS - april / may 2014

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The right procedure for you


Wrinkles, relaxation of the face ski, some
imperfections in the nose and protruding ears can
find a solution in the face plastic surgery procedures.


A breast which is too big or, on the contrary, a
sagging breast or an asymmetric breast can be
corrected with breast plastic surgery.


The body plastic surgery procedures are aiming to
correct the defects due to accumulaion of fat in specific areas or to tissue laxity, caused by different reasons.